Monthly Wrap Up – June 2016


The auction market showed overall resilience in the first half of 2016, despite a drop in listing numbers. The nation recorded 46,067 auction listings in the first half of the year, representing a five per cent decline from the corresponding period in 2015.

June’s 8,317 listings equated a two per cent drop from June 2015. NSW accounted for 37 per cent of national listings, while Victoria accounted for 40 per cent. Tasmania had the lowest number of auctions with 31 listings (less than one per cent of the national listings.)

June’s auction clearance rate of 61 per cent was similar to April and May’s. The result, however, was sharply below June 2015’s 69 per cent clearance, hinting that demand has weakened.

Observing the first six months of the year over the 2014-2016 period, June recorded the 3rd lowest number of auction listings. In that period, it had a higher number of listings than January and February and a lower number than March, April and May.



In June, the Harbour City recorded its lowest year on year monthly decline since the start of 2016. June’s listing numbers were only 11 per cent below Jun 2015, compared to a fall of 36 per cent in May and 28 per cent in March.  The year on year decline is expected to continue into July, historically one of the slowest auction months of the year.

Despite two strong Saturdays where Sydney’s clearance rate exceeded 70 per cent, the city’s monthly clearance rate closed at 68.7 per cent, the lowest June clearance rate in four years but comfortably in the midddle between February’s high (70.1 per cent) and April’s low (66.6 per cent).


Melbourne’s auction market showed the normal seasonal decline in June, with 3,021 listings across the city compared to May’s 3,486 listings. The year on year trend, however, shows a six per cent increase from June 2015 and a 13 per cent rise from June 2014. A low interest rate and relative affordability (compared to Sydney) may be the reasons behind the year on year rise.

Lower listings numbers did not stop auction clearance rate from declining. June’s 67.7 per cent clearance rate was the lowest since January, and five percentage points below February’s peak. It was the lowest June clearance rate since 2012.

Other Cities


  • June’s monthly sales hit a new record in 2016, with 588 properties listed for auction. The number equated to a 13 per cent increase on last year’s figure. It was the only month (other than April) to show year on year growth.
  • The increase in listing numbers contributed to a fall in clearance rates. June recorded the second lowest clearance rate this year at 44.7 per cent but remained, one of the highest June clearance rates in the past ten



  • Adelaide recorded the highest June auction clearance rates since 2007, clearing 63.9 per cent of the stock. The figure was above the year to date rate of 63.1.
  • Weekend clearance rates ranged from 71 per cent on the second Saturday of the month to 57.4 per cent on the last Saturday.
  • Monthly volumes were at their highest level since the GFC, with 312 properties listed for auction in June. The figure represented a ten per jump from June 2015 despite being the quietest month this year. The highest number of listings (53) was recorded on the third Saturday of the month.


  • Canberra recorded its highest ever June volume with 221 auction listings, representing a 12 per cent increase on June 15 figures.
  • The first Saturday of the month set a new June record with 63 properties registered for auction. The number declined, however, in subsequent weekends.
  • As weekly listings declined, weekly auction clearance rates increased from a low of 54.2 per cent on the first week of the month to 69.2 per cent on the last weekend.
  • The monthly auction clearance rate remained similar to June 2015. June 2016’s 62.5 per cent clearance rate helped to reverse the May bottom of 60.6 per cent.